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The Most Popular known personalities of the Sri Ganganagar. Let’s see whose faces are in the list.

1)- B.D. Aggarwal – Chairperson of Vikas WSP. Founder of National Unionist Zamindara Party.

BD Aggarwal_Sri Ganganagar

2)- Kamini Jindal– Present MLA(Youngest) , daughter of BD Aggarwal.

Kamini Jindal_Sri Ganganagar

3)- P.Suden – Founder of Nosegay Public School.

Papindra Suden_ Sri Ganganagar

4)- Nihal Chand Meghwal – M.P. (Cabinet Minister)


5)- Radheshyaam – Ex-MLA of Sri Ganganagar


6)- Jaydeep Bihani – Face of the  Founder of Bihani  Groups and Academics.

Jaideep Bihani

7)- Gazal Chugh – Popular Interior designer.Gazal Chugh

8)- Sharad Aggarwal – The rising Star.. and a social worker.Sharad Aggarwal


Reference for Sri Ganganagar-

Kamini, Sharad, Nihal.

Who do you think is the Most Famous in SriGangaNagar ?

  • Sharad Aggarwal (18%, 16,784 Votes)
  • Kamini Jindal (17%, 15,478 Votes)
  • Jaydeep Bihani (15%, 14,014 Votes)
  • Gazal Chugh (15%, 13,524 Votes)
  • P.Suden (13%, 12,457 Votes)
  • Nihal Chand Meghwal (12%, 10,800 Votes)
  • Radheshyaam (11%, 9,857 Votes)
  • B.D. Aggarwal (0%, 251 Votes)

Total Voters: 93,165

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