Hangout Spots In and Around St. Stephen’s College-Delhi

St. Stephen’s College in Delhi is a well known college, and if you’ve been a part of it you’ll most definitely understand what I’m going to talk about. This prestigious college of Delhi University is one of the most reputed and sought-after colleges in whole of the country. But what makes it as happening as it is? Besides from the brilliant faculty in tow, the college is the hub of students from around the country, and the open-to-all societies and clubs make it too good to be true. But the hang-out spots in and around the college is what makes up for the ample amount of free time the students might be vested with. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! 😉

  1. The Café
    The college “cafeteria” (and NOT canteen) is most popular for its Mince-Maggi and Rocky Andda(s). While the college is known for its elite group of students, they most certainly pride themselves in being able to enjoy the benefits of having their very own café on the college premises, in the whole of Delhi University. The wide expanse of casual cane chairs and wooden tables, along with the facility of two separate rooms, is indeed an inviting place for students and professors alike. If one is taking breaks in-between classes or just bunking those classes all together, one will surely find the place thronged with students all throughout the day. So, if you’re somewhere nearby, make sure to pay the place a visit and you will not be disappointed.Stephens
  2. The Arts Dhaba
    The Arts Dhaba or a place much better known as Rohtas ji ka Dhaba is a favourite among the students for its delicious samosas and mouth-watering nimbu paani(s). In operation since a very-very long time, the place is a hangout spot for students in summers and winters alike. The owner of the stall, a dear old man and a beloved of the students, passed away recently, which was quite a shock to all the present and former student body of the college. However, the dhaba is now run by his son, and the memories of our dear Rohtas ji is kept alive. Finally, the place is also famous for its flash mob and street-play occurrences, attracting a huge mass of students from around the college.

    Stephen's College

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  3. SCR Lawns
    SCR Lawns are another favourite spot for students, especially in winters, as this big green lawn is the perfect spot for idlers to just sit and soak the sun. On a random day, you can even catch professors taking their tutorials or classes in corners of the lawns. Other than that, the place is also sought after for any kind of photo-exhibition or other functions.


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    Stephen's College

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  4. JCR and JCR Lawns
    Junior Common Room or otherwise just known as the JCR is known for its facilities of having a large screen LCD TV and indoor sport games equipments like carom board, table tennis and the likes. Moreover, the place is also used for hosting small-scale department farewells etc. Likewise, the JCR lawns are used for playing outdoor games like cricket, badminton among other things, thus making this place to be the perfect hangout spot for young people with an energetic, sporty spirit.Stephen
  5. The Science Dhaba
    The science dhaba, just like the arts dhaba is a favourite mostly for the science students as their department buildings is situated at close proximity, such that the students can take breaks from the long hours of lab sessions and treat themselves to a snack or two, every now and then. The plus point of this spot is that the basketball court is right in-front of it, and students can come here to catch a game of basketball at any given day. The mince cutlets and andda-maggi is what’s famous at this place.Stephen
  6. The Ridge
    Last, but definitely not the least this place is a favourite for people who like to go that extra mile (*wink* if you know what I mean). Although this place is sure not good to traverse alone after dark, but it’s good for large group of students who are just looking to turn a long lazy day into a fun, adventurous one. From supposedly haunted places like Khooni Jheel to encountering almost scandalous sights, this spot is sure to give you those goose bumps. Give it a tour, if you’re looking for something fun to do on a weekend!


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Jyotis Jacob

An English Major and a nature enthusiast, I enjoy writing creatively. When I’m not otherwise occupied, you will find me with a book in hand, and my earphones plugged in.

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Jyotis Jacob

An English Major and a nature enthusiast, I enjoy writing creatively. When I’m not otherwise occupied, you will find me with a book in hand, and my earphones plugged in.

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2 Responses

  1. Reuben says:

    Good one! You have given out all TMP hangout spots. Now how do we expect the Fuchs to explore?

    Was the ‘Cafe Tree’ thoughtfully omitted?

    • Jyotis Jacob says:

      Hi Reuben. Thanks for the feedback. Now this is an article listing out all the possible and fun hangouts in Stephens…a sort of a guide for the people who don’t know about the same too; so fuchas in turn can look this up, and know what to expect. Also, I didn’t mention the cafe tree specifically because I thought it was a spot assumed to “just be there” when I’m talking about The Arts Dhaba, but anyway thanks for the observation. Will Look into it! 🙂


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