Types Of Girls In The Delhi Metro

Delhi girls

If you’re a regular commuter of the Delhi metro, then you sure have encountered these ladies or at least some of them. No offence ladies, you’re all a delight!

1. The Fashionista

If you’re a frequent Metro traveller then you must have encountered this chick.
She’s dolled-up in the latest fads, an iPhone in her hand, a branded bag, perfectly manicured nails, perfectly matching outfit with proper footwear and accessories to go with it. Textbook example of a high maintainence lady. She is in her own air of bombdigity.

Credits: Google

2. The Touch-up girl

Ever seen a girl fixing her makeup in the metro? LOL We all have! Using the windows as a mirror to apply eyeliners in a moving metro is a tallent not everyone is gifted with. There is this one note-worthy example. One of our sources saw one girl have a guy sitting next to her(stranger), hold the bottle of her nail polish while she applied it. Smooth!

Credits: Google

3. Aunty ji

The perfectly healthy looking mid 40s wali Aunty will stand in your face and stare at you until you feel guilty and give up your seat. Someone needs to set the bar for qualification as a senior citizen.
Seat Chor! HUH!

Credits: Google

4. Miss Chipku

Some people just LOVE to enter that person space of your’s don’t they? No matter how many times you tell them through exasperated expressions, these ladies feel no shame what so ever in poking you at inappropriate places with their blingy purses or their body parts i’d rather refrain from mentioning. *shivers at the very thought*

Credits: Google

5. The Climber

So there are just the right number of people sitting on the row of seats. One brilliant lady would come and ask y’all to scooch. No matter how much you want to, some social conventional rules state that you cannot scream at her that YOUR BUTT WILL NOT FIT HERE. They will manage to place 10% of themselves on the seat and if you’re the lucky one, the rest of them is on you. Aunty why? Y u do dis? I can’t feel my leg! *even my soul is screaming*

Credits: Google

6. Mirror Mirror on the wall.

One minute she’s checking her phone, another minute she’s checking her self – in the make shift mirror that are the windows of the metro. Its hillariously entertaining to watch a girl check herself out in the mirror oblivious to the fact that at least 10 people are getting entertained by her. She’ll look at herself from different angles, squint her eyes to take a better look. *giggles* Adorable!

Credits: Google

7. Selfie queens

How do you manage to take a selfie on an escalator? Smile, Pose, balance yourself, all at the same time. Kudos! Selfies just cannot wait.
There’s no place to even stand? Who the hell cares?! People need to know that I’m in a metro. Snapchat time 😀 😀 *sigh*

Credits: Google

8. The One who won’t stop staring.

Alas! I know I am gorgeous. Give me a break!
Well that’s not true. When a woman wont strop staring at me, 50 thoughts come to my head and none of them is even close to the above statement.
I think my hair looks funny, she must be laughing in her head at me.
Is something wrong with my clothes?
She manages to turn me into number #6 checking myself out to see if everything’s okay
I hope she’s not planning to kidnap me.
I bet she thinks I’m setting a bad example for her daughter. Shemurr! 🙁

Credits: Google


9. The Gate-Keeper

What her job exactly is, will forever be unclear to me. She will literally fight you for her spot near the door. She’ll push, punch and if need be kick you out of the way to stand near the door.
“Please stand away from the doors”
“Kripya darwazo se hat kar khade hon” – has no meaning to her what so ever.
Dear Miss Gate-Keeper, are they paying you for the job or is it social service?

Credits: Google

10. The Peeper (Grrrr….hate this one)

You know that annoying kid who keeps asking questions? What are you doing? What is that? What do you do with this? etc etc
This lady is the adult version of that. She has to know everything you’re doing on your phone. She’s reading your texts, she’s watching what you’re watching. Hell! She’s even judging.
*If you’re that person* ARE YOU OUT OF MIND? LEAVE ME ALONE!

Credits: Google

And that’s a wrap!

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2 Responses

  1. Shravan says:

    Exactly. ^?

  2. Rahul says:

    Been a victim to all of ’em


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