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Popular restaurants in GK-2

 Get ready these restaurants are paradise affair!! China Garden If you’re craving authentic Chinese food and are puzzled about where to go, look no further as this is indubitably the place for you! Whether...

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Spiritual Delhi

  Delhi is a place where people from different faiths coexist: Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc. People from different religion reside in Delhi and they respect each other’s religion. Which is why...


TMP Places to Visit in Delhi

“Once there was nothing here (Delhi). Now look how minarets camouflage the sunset. Do you hear the call to prayer? It leaves me unwinding scrolls of legend till I reach the first brick they...

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Food-maniacs check out these outlets!!!!

All the food-maniacs out there, it’s time to loosen your pockets and checkout what’s on the list. Delhi is widely crowd-pleasing by its quality of bestowing upon us its distinct variety of food and...

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Types Of Girls In The Delhi Metro

If you’re a regular commuter of the Delhi metro, then you sure have encountered these ladies or at least some of them. No offence ladies, you’re all a delight! 1. The Fashionista If you’re...

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Eternal Quotes on Delhi

Ghalib had once said, “The world is the body and Delhi its life” : A veracious statement indeed. Be it the Mughal era or the present day, Delhi has maintained its gravity and grandeur throughout the...