The Most Popular Ways to Detect A Lie

Are you bad at spotting a lie? Luckily, there are a few subtle signs that we can look out for while trying to detect a lie. One can deeply research on this topic, but that will go on to take a lot of time and even more so, to become an expert at reading body language. Hence, here are some of the most popular signs that would tell us that a person is lying:


  • Facial expressions & head movements



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A person who tries to lie to you may seem to be very generous all of a sudden or may even seem very uncomfortable around you. People suddenly change their facial expressions when they are about to lie. More importantly, people tend to tilt their head to either side which actually shows that they are trying to think a lot so that they can speak a well structured lie.


  • Physical unrest



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People tend to move their body a lot due to physical unrest caused by attempting to lie. Usually, their shoulders rise up a bit and their breathing changes from normal to heavy. They also perspire more than usual. In some cases, their voice becomes very shallow.


  • Being rigid



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This is the opposite of physical unrest. After some research, it was revealed that people become very still and don’t move at all while lying. Hence, if someone is lying to you, either that person will act in a hurried manner or will be very rigid in their posture.


  • Stammering



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When a person hesitates or is unsure of what he/she says to you, then that person may repeat words and even phrases again and again just to convince you of their lies. So, if someone stammers, when you know they usually not, then you should understand that something is surely off and the person is most probably lying to you.


  • Maintaining eye contact



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So far, we know that people are just beside themselves when they try to lie and would be at either of the extremes when it comes to their body language and behavior. Same applies on maintaining or not maintaining eye contact. When people lie, it’s not uncommon that they usually pretend to see somewhere else and act normal. What they are actually doing is avoiding looking straight into your eyes. Some liars are smart enough to look into your eyes but usually go an extra mile and start staring at you without blinking. Another sign to look out for, is that, that person may look calm but may blink his eyes more often than usual.


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