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I actually wonder what is it that kids watch on TV these days, and that in turn makes me feel like I’m a hundred year old lady reminiscing her yesteryears. Jeez! The way I talk to my brother about the shows that he’s missing on, I get a feel of how my father feels while lecturing us kids on the movies of the ‘Golden Era’. I happened to stumble upon Disney while channel surfing one day and what do I find? Well, nothing. Except that vile blue cartoon (we all know what it is). That’s when I realised that there are no more Disney originals airing these days and kids are watching the generic Japanese
cartoons. So, while missing Raven and Alex, Zack and Cody, I decided to write about the Disney shows that we all grew up watching and loving :

1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

The TWINS ! No matter the day, no matter the mood, an episode of this show would become the highlight of my day. It depicts the (mis)adventures of twin boys Zack and Cody at a hotel where their mother works. Everything about this show was spot on right from the comic timing and the characters to the plot and the setting. The boys flirting with the candy counter girl aka Maddie aka Ashley Tisdale, the sweet but dumb London and the well meaning hotel manager, Mr. Moseby.
These characters made you laugh until your sides hurt and you were already begging for the next episode!

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2. That’s So Raven

This is the show that probably laid the foundation for the term ‘Swag’ because of a character like Raven? Damn, that’s all the sassiness in the world put together! ‘That’s So Raven’, followed Raven’s story with her psychic powers, showing her visions of the future and leaving her struggling with what to do next. The best part of the show was the trio of friends; Raven, Chelsea and Eddie. They were real
and funny and you wanted to root for them in cases of trouble. Hate you Disney for ending all the good shows. Yah Nasty!!!

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3. Phineas and Ferb

This is the one animated show that ran on-air for quite a long time. It features Phineas and Ferb as two amazingly genius brothers who decide to make the best of their summer vacations instead of lying around all day(Ahem Ahem !). The highlight of the series is Candace, who repeatedly tries to bust the boys but in vain, which is totally relatable if you happen to have younger siblings!
(Except that they don’t build roller coasters but… You get the idea). It made a certain species of animals immensely popular (We love you Platypus Perry) and was a quick fix for boredom.


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4. Hannah Montana

A long time ago, before the birth of the wrecking balls, there existed a sweet girl known as Miley Cyrus. Yep. It happened in this century itself. Before Miley Cyrus decided to shed off her Disney star image completely, she was the ultimate teen role model for girls across the globe. The Hannah Montana show featured her as a celebrity pop star(Hannah Montana) trying to live an ordinary
life as well (aka Miley Stewart). The show was glamorous, funny and the the sibling fights between Miley and Jackson were the BEST! Ah,the good old days…


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5. Wizards of Waverly Place

Although the list was in no particular order but I’ll admit it: Wizards of Waverly Place is my favourite. I mean, SELENA GOMEZ people! Need I say more? Who could have foreseen that she would go on to become one of the hottest pop stars of the industry. She played Alex Russo who lived with her two brothers and parents in New York where they owned a subway shop BUT everything is not what it seems and the teens are being trained by their father to become the ultimate family wizard.
The show gained immense popularity for its humour, wit and the talented cast.

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Well, this trip down memory lane was pretty amazing and made me
realise that I watched some of these shows as far as 8 years back. Time flies.

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