Most Popular internet words 2016


To swag up your vocab and woo, just take a look at these trending internet words which are totally in vogue these days…

1         Slay download

Well googling this word and its usage what commonly will follow would be something like this, slay is used to describe a horrendous killing, but if its 2016 then “you better slay like Beyoncé”… and here I don’t mean that Beyoncé murdered someone…hell nooo….What it is now used for, is to highly impress someone or rather everyone.

2       AF download (1)

In case you are one of them who keep seeing this on internet and then wonder what it could mean then you my friend are at the right place. AF stands for As Fuck…and is now rampantly used like “drunk AF”, “goals AF”, “high AF” and probably now you can join all the matching dots and create your own.

3       Netflix & Chill images

If you are an American chick you would have definitely come across this phrase and even if you are not and haven’t heard then here is what you mostly hear from guys these days if they want to ask you out… “Hey do u wanna catch Netflix and Chill…”

4      Thug thug

Going by its conventional meaning, this word stands for a violent person or a criminal….but thanks to a generation who believes in making everything sound so cool!!! Well maybe the word has really lost is essence in transition because thug these days is more often used as a synonym for ‘Gangsta’. Whatever it is, the word is now a total selloff with its personification by the below image.

5       Fuckboy fuckboy

With no face on the earth a few years ago, this word is totally a new thing. Out of the variety of meaning this word offers, the most common usage trending these days is usually for a male with whom one has a sexual relationship with no potential future apart from this.


The list doesn’t end here…as the year progress, the new trendy words will keep coming up. Pick your favorite and share your feedback in the comment section below.


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  1. Grover Bradey says:

    Todrick Hall uses boots in a bunch of his most recent viral videos. You just add the word boots to the end of an adjective or verb to add emphasis to whatever you’re saying. Let’s say you’re really tired, you can say you’re tired boots.\n


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