2016… Bollywood Breakup Year?


2016… Beginning of Endings for Bollywood?

2016 had just started and the air in Indian tinsel town is rife with the news of celebrity couples breaking up everywhere…!!! Was it a planned mass break-up thing or just a mere coincidence who knows but forever is indeed a very long time to stay together in the world of glitterati it seems? Jokes apart, the brunt of 2016 has swallowed up many love bonds we thought were unbreakable.

Just as much we like to see our favorite celebrities on-screen we are always equally eager to know about their personal lives and specially their love sagas and the spicy stories of celebrity break-up patch-up.

  1. Ranbir-Katrina      Ranbir_Katrina

With one of the most promising love birds of Bollywood, Ranbir and Katrina, having recently secluded their love-nest at Carter Road it is now official that the 6 year-long relation has now ended. Names of Katrina’s crying shoulder Salman Khan and Ranbir’s ex-flame Deepika are being pulled in the blame game but neither of ex-lovers have made any official comment on it.

  1. Virat-Anushkavirat_Anushka_BreakUp

Another long-term relation came crumbling down when Virat Kohli officially unfollowed Anushka Sharma on twitter after both unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this year. The insider news speculate the reason of the break-up as Anushka’s prolonged denial to Virat’s marriage long pending proposal and wanting to focus on her career instead. Well I back the lady for her sturdy decision. After all heart breaks are not easy to handle… nor is a failing career.

  1. Mallaika Arora Khan-Arbas KhanAbaaz_mallaika

Our B-town’s legendary couple married for 17years now, Mallaika and Arbaz are off for filing a divorce…If sources are to be believed, and the married couple are not up for a mutual separation. Rumor has it that Mallaika wants to end the marriage but Arbaz wants to keep it and is also talking to Karishma and other close people for help. Sadness this is…

  1. Farhan-AdhunaFarhan

Last but not the least, the much-not-talked about married couple Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar silently ended the marriage with a successful divorce. The divorce was shortly made official and public with no much talks about it thereafter.

We wish Bollywood Jodi’s all the very best for future with hopes of no bad news…After all fans get heartbroken every time celebrities get heart-broken.



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