Father-Daughter Special

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Happy Father’s Day

Dear dad,

We have not talked to each other this way ever before, and maybe this is the reason I thought of writing down to you. The entire thick&thins of my relation with you. How you’ve been and still continue to be my greatest inspiration and endless strength.

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Credits: SOOSH

You’ve grown me into all the shades of a woman. Being a girl boss or a demure one, I’ve always held your falling shadow over me. The world would have been miserable to me, if I didn’t have you.

I will always fall short of words to appreciate you. You are my super hero. You’re no.1 dad! Happy Father’s Day!!!!

-Your loving daughter.


I pen down here these little things that I am extremely grateful to you for, because without you I would have never been content.

    1. Thank you for never giving upon me, even when everyone else had

I know how tenderly you’ve always held my hand and made me outshine. I am forever grateful to you dad.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

  1. Thank you for scolding me when I needed the most, I understand it now

If you would have not scolded me then, I could have been complete blank like that of a paper. Who has nothing written over it. I do understand now; the right and wrong, the smart and cruel.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

  1. Thank you for giving me the best things in life, everything that I wanted

I have everything today because dad, you’ve never checked your pocket for me. You’ve always given me everything best in life.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

  1. Thank you for being proud of me, it has always motivated me to do more, to outshine self

Your pat on my shoulder, your smile and your gratitude towards everything has always made me taking steps ahead. My life is large not as king size, but as large as father and daughter bond is; beautiful and vibrant.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

  1. Thank you for always being a call away, and listening to me patiently

I have never checked on with the time to call you, because I always knew you’ll be there for me. If I am your little writer, you’re my constant listener and reader who never turn his back to the book of my life.

  1. Thank you for giving me freedom, I am a proud independent bird

I am eternal grateful for you to trust me and not the society. And letting me pursue all that I wanted to. Without this liberty all I would have ever known is the four walls of the house.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

  1. Thank you for keeping up with me always, even in the toughest of days

I remember my teenage days and how troublesome they were. Even then, you were my constant support. You have always protected me throughout every situation.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

  1. Thank you for bearing me with all my silliness, and never telling me to change

I am still a kid at heart who will forever need you (dad) and your shoulder to feel light-hearten.

Credits: SOOSH

Credits: SOOSH

Much love to you dad, you’re my ultimate super hero. Crossing fingers, I hope by now you know I have found my gliding wings and they are set free to fly away high, just like you’ve taught me to be.

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