Every little girl remembers her favorite childhood princess,she is not she,she is he.


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This Guy Transforms Himself Into Disney Princesses And he is too awesome in this.21-year-old Richard Schaefer, dressing up as his favorite Disney princesses has opened up a whole new world of possibilities .Man’s Flawless Disney Princess.

Credit: Google Image

Credit: Google Image

It wasn’t until Richard lost 6st 11lb in his senior year at high school, then aged 18, that he started discovering his self­confidence.He uses costumes, wigs and make-up to morph into his top princesses His love of Disney started from a young age with Ariel being his fav.
Schaefer takes two hours for each dress as princess.the shocking thing is this that he makes a lot of his costumes himself. He’s a self-proclaimed Disney addict, and every ounce of his passion is apparent in every princess he becomes. Moreover he is very confident about that what he do,he has more than 80k followers on instagram ,why he feel bad about it .

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