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Food-maniacs check out these outlets!!!!

All the food-maniacs out there, it’s time to loosen your pockets and checkout what’s on the list. Delhi is widely crowd-pleasing by its quality of bestowing upon us its distinct variety of food and...

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The Most Popular Disney shows

I actually wonder what is it that kids watch on TV these days, and that in turn makes me feel like I’m a hundred year old lady reminiscing her yesteryears. Jeez! The way I...

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Undiscovered holiday destinations!

Gone are the days when Shimla and Manali was an exclusive holiday destination. For now, it is probably the most overrated holiday destinations. Be it summer, winter or monsoons, the hotels are always booked...

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The Most Popular Desi Beverages

For every desi guy, there is a desi drink. India is known for its exotic hot and cold desi beverages. Following is a list of 5 world-famous drinks that originate in India. Chaas (salty...

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Reel Heroes Turned Real Heroes

Heroes are not born, heroes are made! It’s easy to play a superhero on the big screen. What does it take? A Good costume, a good script, good effects or body doubles? However, it takes...