Reel Heroes Turned Real Heroes

Real Heroes

Heroes are not born, heroes are made!

It’s easy to play a superhero on the big screen. What does it take? A Good costume, a good script, good effects or body doubles? However, it takes a lot more to be a hero in real life and be altruistic to someone. A Hero is a person who performs extraordinary deeds for the benefit of others. We all have actors that we love and adore, not because we actually know them in real life, but rather through the characters they brought to life on-screen. There are celebrities that are genuinely amazing people outside their fantastic roles. These are the real heroes, rather than the ones in capes on the big screen.

Here’s the list of Reel Heroes who turned into Real Heroes:

Muzammil  Ibrahim

real heroes

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Muzammil Ibrahim is an Indian model and actor born in Srinagar, Kashmir, who is just beginning his foray into Bollywood as a hero. Recently he saved a woman, named Penny Kent, on a Friday evening, from drowning in the Arabian Sea, during her vacations in Goa. Now that’s what we call a real hero!

Kent said, “It happened around 4:30 PM. I don’t think that I’ll ever get over it. The current suddenly became very strong and I was taken completely off guard. I got a new life, thanks to Muzammil. He risked his own life to save mine.” He was later awarded ‘Godfrey Phillips National Bravery Awards’ in 2008 for it. We applaud Muzammil Ibrahim for his Heroic Deed!

Nana Patekar

real heroes

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Nana Patekar known for his simple lifestyle, has been generous enough to donate in different charities. He contributed money towards rebuilding of the flood ravaged villages in Bihar through the charitable organization ‘Anubhuthi’. All the monetary remuneration he obtained for his performance in the movie Paathshaala was donated to five different charitable groups. He was awarded the ’Raj Kapoor’ award which has a cash prize of Rs 10,00,000 which was entirely for drought relief activities in Maharashtra. He also provided financial aid to families of farmers who committed suicide due to indebtedness by distributing cheques worth Rs. 15,000 to 62 families of Vidarbha region in August 2015 and another 113 families from Latur and Osmanabad districts of Marathwada in September 2015.

Raveena Tandon

real heroes

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Raveena Tandon is an Indian actress, producer, and a former model. She has been a great social worker from a very young age . She adopted two girls as a single mother when she was 21 and gave shelter to 30 girls when they were asked to vacate an orphanage overnight. Now, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon wants to fulfill her dream of opening a school for children to enable them with vocational skills. We salute the kindness she has in her and the courage and bravery to work for a noble cause.

Shah Rukh Khan


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Popularly known as ‘King Khan’, ‘SRK’ and ‘Baadshah’, he rules the heart of millions but he has not just been a reel hero but a hero in real life as well. He has been declared as Bollywood’s Most Charitable Person’ by Hurun Research Institute, China. He donated 2.5 million Indian rupees to the former PM, Manmohan Singh for Tsunami Relief camp. In NDTV’s Greenathon event of 2009, he adopted 5 villages and adopted further 12 villages in 2012 event. He did many concerts to raise money for earthquake affected areas. He was the first Indian to be honoured by UNESCO for his charity works. He wants to maintain a low profile and stay under the radar as far as his charity is concerned, which makes him even more popular among his fans.

Akshay Kumar


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‘Rowdy in looks, kind at heart.’ Khiladi Kumar has been the heartthrob of many with the charisma of his reel and real life actions. To help the drought-hit farmers in Maharashtra, he gave a financial aid of 90 lakh rupees to help 180 families of the farmers. Besides this, he also contributed 50 lakh to Salman’s charitable trust Being Human and also donated 1 crore rupees to Chennai’s flood relief. Akshay launched a martial arts school to provide self-defense training to women for free in Mumbai and has trained 4000 women till date! He also has been the highest tax payer of Bollywood.

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