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Being at Delhi University is the most unparalleled event that can happen to you in your life. You obtain everything you desire for, awe-inspiring people, overblown fun, exposure, breathtaking experiences and obviously and undoubtedly, the best colleges in the country. It is a feat in itself. You life changes in a go!

The moment when you stumble upon HansRaj, it’s like a journey from vision to reality. Apart from being one of the top colleges in Science, Commerce and Arts, HansRaj is one of the most gripping place to be in and way more. Here are some of the most popular things and stories behind the walls, which make HansRaj prodigious:

Lover’s Point and Food

Lovers Point.JPG

LP or Lover’s Point is something that the college is popular for, far and wide, with a very interesting story related to its name. Apparently, it was here that the famous Bollywood star, ‘King Khan’ proposed Gauri Khan.  In reality, and much contradictory to its popular myth, it is the central meeting spot, social crucible and activity hub for students, and not a lover’s paradise.  Chilling with friends at LP and having Chowmein, Chole Bhature and Paneer cutlets are the best moments any Hansarian might have. You can spend your whole day here and you won’t even get bored. It is exactly as it sounds… an oversell!

Swaranjali, The Music Society  


Swaranjali is the music society of HansRaj College comprising an Indian choir, a Western Choir, a Fusion band, a Western band, and has been the most popular society in the University’s music circuit, for many years now. Every year has been phenomenal for the society with many new achievements. The society participates in a number of annual cultural fests and comes out with flying colors each year. It is divine to watch them rehearse and perform! Swaranjali is love and pride for Hansarians.

Sudama ki Chai

Sudama chai.JPG

The most absorbing thing in the evening in Kamla Nagar, in front of Hansraj hostel gate is Sudama ki chai. Those get togethers with friends, the riveting view of the lane after sunset, the strong refreshing cup of tea which is both affordable and delicious, all of it just takes all the stress away and rejuvenates you from within. It is the meeting point during evenings with a hostel gate lane full of students sipping a cup of tea and enjoying with friends.   



Of all the North Campus colleges, HansRaj is the nearest to hangouts in Kamla Nagar. KFC, Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, McDonald’s, Bistro, Chowringhee, the fascinating Chocolate Room, CCD and many other food outlets are the nearest to HansRaj. Enjoy a lovely food outing topped with loads of fun with friends and loved ones.

HansRaj ki Shaan



The two inimitable personalities excellent in their fields; Rishabh Mittal, named the most popular face of the college, and Ishvender Singh, the youngest President in the history of the college, are the treasured possessions of HansRaj .Crowned with the highest position of the college’s Student Union, President Ishvender Singh is the most eminent personality and the sportsperson with various national and state level records. He is friendly, humble, cool, an efficient leader, a great friend and a mind-boggling person. Both the way of his working and his ideologies about life, are not only captivating but a gripping kind of mesmerizing.

On the other hand,  Rishabh Mittal is the coolest, most loved and most awesome senior. A box full of talent, he was awarded with the title of ‘Student of the Year 2015-16’, and has held high positions in various societies, the most popular being the President of SGA. Currently working as a business analyst at BAIN Capability Centre, he is the best in his own unique way. HansRaj will miss you Sir!

Public Figure – Dhan Singh bhaiya

Public Figure.JPG

Canteen waley bhaiya popularly known as Dhan Singh bhaiya is the most popular among the students. Even during recess or extra time, students at LP call him out for the food order, he comes gently, asks students about their routine, health and classes and talks to them for sometime. The two-way friendly banter is interspersed with a a few jokes, both from his side and the students as well. He then takes the order and brings the food. He is the major source of helping student break high denomination bills. “Change paise chaiye to Dhan Singh Bhaiya hei na”, is an all too common line among students.  

The Fountain


The newly constructed fountain in the front lawn of the college adds to the beauty of the infrastructure. The well-maintained garden around it where each plant and tree has been named by the Botany department of the college itself. In the morning, the resplendent view of the fountain while entering the college simulates a view of sunrays falling on dew drops, a soothing and serene setting.

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