Give Away Reservation?


A Referendum brought up by Quaff Media on the notion-“Should India Give Away Caste Based Reservation?”

Best thing to do is to watch this video –

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If you can’t watch the video or not comfortable with Hindi. The text is written for you.

Referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision. Going by this definition, a similar practice was taken up by the British Government in Europe where  they asked the general people to vote on whether they wanted to stay in The European Union.

Caste System and Reservation are like the ‘Golden’ topics for any debate wherein both sides seem logical if points are placed well. As most of our leaders state that ” The youth of India is the future of our country”, going by this, we should responsibly put our foot down and try to make any needed amendments to achieve the best possible future.

The easy and useless way to deal with the reservation system is to have endless talks and debates in the comfort of your living room or college but ultimately doing nothing about it. The easy and useful way to deal with this is to click on the link below and vote in an attempt to make a change! What is your take on “Give away Reservation?” Vote and let the country know.


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With an aim to bring up and highlight “THE VOICE OF YOUTH” on Reservation System wrt Caste, this is a small initiative taken up by Quaff Media which might do wonders. The result of this voting will be analyzed on August 15, 2016. In case the response is good, the results of this referendum will be forwarded to the Government of India.

We are in the 21st century and the strongest tool, we, youngsters have is the social media and we will make a change using our assets rather than block roads, burn buses and sit on a protest.

Click to VOTE!

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