What’s The Most Popular in HMRITM ?!

HMR Institute of Technology & Management is an Engineering College located in Hamidpur,New Delhi, India offering both Management & Engineering courses.The college offers several courses in the field of engineering at the undergraduate level as well as a postgraduate course in management (MBA), and computer applications(MCA). It is affiliated to the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. Not very popular amongst the rest of IP University colleges, this holds a lot many popular elements which you can just not ignore.;)

The college has the following Engineering Divisions:

  • Computer Science
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical and Automation

It was opened by the Hira Lal, Mohan Devi, Rita Gupta Memorial Trust, this is how we get H.M.R!

FAQ: Is this college in or near Panipat?

Answer: Well, no. This is nowhere near Panipat. It is very much in Delhi, Splash waterpark is one of the landmarks.

The college is surrounded by fields. It is the best place to be in winters. Murthal is one of the favorite places to visit  in winters. Most of the summers are covered by End term examinations and Summer break, so that is a relief.


  1. The Pragmatic Indian Society

This is the very first society established in the college. It covers the following categories: literary, art and flash mob. The society was founded by Sangeet Sharma and is presently lead by Arushi Kaushik. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the society tries to inculcate a spark of joy in almost everyone who is a part of it. Engineers are not dull people, they are happy, lively and talented people!



2.  The CTIF Network

This network is established in order to provide students an international experience when it comes to training and projects. Every year students are selected and are sent to one of the countries of their choice with respect to this network at 85% training scholarship!



3. The “Tai” shop and Chinese corner

These are the two small food joints you will find outside the college. The ‘tai’ shop is famous for tea in winters and for snacking crackers. It is small in size but it will probably have everything you ask for. She is a sweet lady to talk to.

The shop is lucky to have the shade of a tree and so students don’t mind being here.


4. The Canteen

This is one popular place where students love to sit all day if they want to enjoy “Chole bathuras” and not the lectures. The food served is simply amazing. Students drool over the “Pav bhaji” and “Chilly Manchurian” served here. The samosas are the everyday favorite snack for the faculty and the students.



5. The Annual Fest: Emblazon

Everyone waits and craves for this time of the year- The Fest time! The fest is full with fun filled events such as Battle of bands, various types of dance competitions, fashion parade etc. The fest is popular enough as there are registrations from outside the capital too. The most successful fest was marked with the guest appearance of The Progressive Brothers. The crowd was enthralled by their performance because come on, who doesn’t love EDM?

The progressive brothers

The progressive brothers

6. The Wreckers

This is a group of students who are popular for organizing one of the best official freshers in the college until now. They are known for their fun filled and friendly nature. There isn’t any leader and there are no typical rules of “groupism”, they welcome everyone and anyone. They have got t-shirts with “The Wreckers” printed which simply steals the show when they all wear it together! College life is all about making friends and creating worthwhile memories with them. This group very well justifies it. They are actually a group of more than 20 students apparently.




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