The Most Popular Things of Varanasi


Varanasi, the name, is a combination of two words Varuna and Asi, that are the two rivers which meet here. It is a place with endless beauty, serene environment, simplicity and rich cultural heritage. It is one of the oldest known cities in the world. It was believed that Saint Tulsi Das wrote the famous Ramacharitmanas sitting near the banks of river Asi. Apart from spirituality, it has various other interesting aspects associated with it. It is famous for its muslin silk, fibre ,ivory works, perfumes and sculptures. The city has 87 ghats, majority of which are for bathing and worshiping and other religious rituals but some are also used for cremation. All these ghats add to the beauty of the city. The city is also famous for it’s street food and sweet dishes. It is a complete blend of culture and heritage and hence it attracts thousands of tourists from across the world. The most popular things about Varanasi are:

  1. The Kashi Vishwanathan Temple

The Kashi Vishwanathan temple, is a temple of Lord Shiva. It is an attraction for thousands of religious devotees, not only from India but also from across the world. The temple is a treat for eyes during festive season because of its visitors and the  beautiful decorations. The temple has high security where people have to go through five security checks to enter into the temple. All this might look a bit cumbersome but all of this is just for the safety of thousands of visitors. Tonsure is the famous practice performed by the visitors to show their religion devotion. Kashi Vishwanath Temple Varanasi

  1. Boating along the Ganga ghats

One of the best things about Varanasi is its ghats. Boating in the River Ganga is a divine feeling. Be it a romantic date on a boat with your partners or just for relaxation, the soothing environment is worth a visit. It is a great attraction for tourists because of its mesmerizing effect. Boating-Varanasi-TMP

  1. Deena Chaat Bhandar

One of the oldest street food joints in Varanasi, the Deena Chaat Bhandar, offers variety of mouth watering chaats to its visitors. Even after being located in narrow streets, it is quite famous in Varanasi. Deena’s is located near the Dashashwamedha Ghat, one of the most famous ghats in Varanasi. Deena’s offer variety of chaats, from tomatoes to spinach to sev puri, everything out here is worth a try. It also serves tamarind and pudina chutneys which is a perfect blend of sweet and spice. Deena Chaat Bhandar - Varanasi -TMP

4. Exploring the ghats during festivals:

During the festive season there is no better place than Varanasi. People here enjoy every festival with equal enthusiasm. The ghats are crowded with people from all over the country. We get to see people bathing in holy water, trying to wash off their sins. People perform pujas and rituals near the ghats. Festive season is the best time to have an actual view of Varanasi. Ghats-Varanasi

  1. The kachori gali

The kachori gali famous is for its small crisp kachoris. They serve freshly prepared hot kachoris with steamy hot potato and tamarind curry. It is a treat for those who love spicy food. Kachori-Gali-Varanasi

  1. Vishwanath gali:

Lassi shops are very common in the city but Vishwanath gali near the Vishwanathan temple serves a wide variety of lassi. It offers around 75 flavours of lassi ranging from sweet to namkeen. In the hot weather that engulfs Varanasi in summers , lassi is a perfect refreshing drink to exhilarate your mood.  Viswanath Gali

7. The morning desert Malaiyo:

Malaiyo a desert prepared from milk. It is generally served in the morning hours. It is kept over night so that it gets mixed with the morning dew. As the name suggests it is made up of malai (cream). It can be compared to  a cloud of endless taste. As soon as you take a bite of this heavenly dessert, it melts with ease giving your mouth a rich flavour. It can be found at various places around the city. Malaiyo-Varanasi


Varanasi is a place of Gods. You Must visit once in a lifetime…!!!

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