The Untold Story of Her Life

It was neither a tale, nor just a mere story. It was the story of her life. A story which was never told before or written out. She never had the courage to narrate it, nor to speak it out loud. She just wanted it to be within her; she was too afraid to share. However one day, when she gathered the courage to speak out, there were no ears. Or maybe there were many, but no one wanted to listen. She was only accused, judged, and blamed. So, again, she opted for silence. The silence which never judged her accused her or blamed her. The silence which just sat there mum; never looking at her with an accusing eye. She wanted to speak…speak out loud. She wanted to cry… cry her hearts out, but there was no one around. She had an urge to play, to sing, and to dance but something always pulled her back. Maybe it was the scars from her past. The past which was engraved deep down in her memories. Memories which were haunting. Were they from her childhood? Or from her teenage years? It was all a mystery!

untold story

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Her serene face, endless beauty, those bright eyes and a big wide smile, hid all this misery. No one could ever think about the pain which was behind that laughter. For everyone around her, she was just a pretty little girl- wonderful and flawless. Those who saw her were only ever mesmerized by her beauty, but deep down it sent a shiver down her spine. The shiver which was due to a fear… a long held hidden sorrow. The fear was of the touch… the touch which reminded her of those hands; hands which had harmed her; hands which were supposed to take care of her, but were instead not safe at all.  Eventually, now even a look of love induced her with pain. The memory of the pain from her past… The pain which no one could ever sense…

Maybe she won’t be able to love anyone ever again. She won’t be able to feel the touch of love ever again in the same way. She won’t trust anyone ever again. All this will always however be her deep dark secret. It is her story; a story yet untold…


Credits : Google Images

What is your untold story?


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