Become a Green Tea person today!

Just another diet craze? A recent fad? Green tea is much more and it’s here to stay. Diet trends may fade but ‘health’ is always in fashion! This article enlightens you with the marvels of this simplistic beverage.

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That figure-conscious friend of yours swears by its benefits, a diabetic relative has been recently advised to have it regularly by his doctor and the newspapers say it heals cancer! Every time you pass the tea aisle in the supermarket next door, you check out that green box, then read ‘antioxidant‘, you think, “Wow, it must be good for me!” but keep it back in the rack. Why?



Your health is in your hands. Your acts of eating and drinking can either feed a disease or fight it. Green tea is the warrior your body needs and here’s how it’ll filter the best for you. There are numerous sites to tell you how it helps in weight-loss, cancer, dental problems, etc. But it’s time to learn how to incorporate this amazing nutritional tea and make it a habit.

Camellia Sinensis


What will help cure your ailments?

The answer is Camellia Sinensis, more popular as green tea. The obvious difference between this and your black tea is of colour but there is major variation in processing too. Green tea does not undergo withering and oxidation, making its properties more beneficial.

Which form of tea can be used?

Green tea is available as tea leaves, tea powder as well as in the form of tea-bags. Both can be used to give a good infusion. To make large amount of tea, the loose tea is preferable. The tea-bags serve the purpose of an instant brew.

How to make the tea?

The tea can be made by the usual process of brewing using the tea powder. When using a tea-bag, take a cup of hot water and drop the bag in it. Let it infuse for 2-3 minutes. The tea can be had as a hot beverage but a cold version is also preferred by many.

When to have it?

Green tea can be had at any time and should be limited to no more than 3 cups. It should be avoided along with meals as that reduces the absorption of nutrients in the body. Having it in the morning is excellent for the body but care must be taken that it doesn’t cause a digestion problem. In such a case, a little milk can be added to the tea.

What flavours of green tea are available?

With increase in its popularity, there have arrived many mixed versions of the tea. Lime, chamomile and mint are some flavours you will love. Give them a try!

green tea pouring


Your first cup of green tea, actually greenish, golden tea will not exactly be appeasing mainly because of its striking flavour. But get used to it. It is way better than getting used to pills, antibiotics and massive hospital bills. The next time you pass that aisle in the supermarket next door, make sure you pop in that box of healthy life. Happy infusing!

Garima Negi

'Carpe Diem' for life, IT engineer, Avid reader, Travel Enthusiast, I live to eat !

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Garima Negi

'Carpe Diem' for life, IT engineer, Avid reader, Travel Enthusiast, I live to eat !

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