ScoopWhoop: The story unfolded


ScoopWhoop is an India based internet media and News Company founded in August 2013 by six Indian Institute of Mass Communication alumni, Sattvik Mishra, Sriparna Tikekar, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Debarshi Banerjee, Saransh Singh and Suparn Pandey.

Initially, ScoopWhoop was started as a side project funded by ‘Haresh Chawla’, partner, ‘India Value Fund Advisors’, and ‘Sidharth Rao’, founder of ‘WebChutney’ wherein the six founders worked towards it as an addition to their jobs. As this side project started to touch the heights, all the six Co-Founders engrossed themselves completely into their small company to take it onto another level of success. Soon, the company gained a lot of viewer’s attention as a result the company received the funding from ‘Bharti Softbank’ (now Ignite Worlds) for a stake of 36.5% that valued the company at Rs. 40 Crores.

Post this; there was no looking back for ScoopWhoop. In less than two years, the company gained 21 Million views. In addition to this the site was garnered with 45 Million page views and since then this India based news company has been constantly receiving over 3 Million shares monthly. *woah*

The Name

‘ScoopWhoop’, naam toh suna hi hoga?

We bet most of you reading this are pretty much aware and following ScoopWhoop. But, have you ever wondered as to what the name calls out to you? ScoopWhoop is combination of two English words, Scoop, meaning a piece of news and Whoop, a loud cry of joy combining to form the meaning A piece of news that leads to a loud cry of joy. Well, never thought this cool word would have such a deep meaning right? Don’t worry; no one’s to be blamed. It took a lot of intelligence from six great minds to come up with this great name. *bravo*

The Content

The content generated by ScoopWhoop is created solely for the target audience of age group ’15-25’ that concludes the youth. The ScoopWhoop team, highly inspired by Buzzfeed decided to create a similar kind of content that would deal with the Indian mindset. While comparing the two, the style may be quite similar but you would definitely sense the ‘desi tadka’. You name the problem and ScoopWhoop has a post related to it. It deals with everything ranging from teenage problems to love problems to the latest scoop.

Scoopwhoop Videos

ScoopWhoop gave a new outlook to its content in 2014 when it started to produce its original videos doubling its aim of imparting information with entertainment. Creating its YouTube channel on April 24, 2014 Scoopwhoop is successfully making videos and entertaining the masses since past two years. Currently its YouTube channel has 346,777 subscribers and 25,292,980 views. Through its videos it aims to instigate, encapsulate and entertain in their most vibrant form. In 2015, ScoopWhoop came up with its first fiction series ‘Baked’. Produced by Pechkas Pictures and ScoopWhoop Talkies, ‘Baked’ became India’s most ambitious original fiction web-series which depicts the lives of three university flat mates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service. The series takes its viewers on a roller coaster ride that equally fun. The series consists of 7 episodes, 23 minutes long each and came to be known as the biggest thing from India to hit the internet space.  Although, ScoopWhoop has seen tremendous success yet it aims to increase the number views and with all their luck and hard work it does increase every month.


Lets vouch out for them!! The ultimate doze of happiness that they have been rendering to all of us.

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