2 Months before Indian Independence – 15 June,1947

15 June,1947


Soon we are going to cherish India’s 70th Independence Day on 15 August 2016.  So, here we present to you some of the glimpses of what had happened during those two months.

15, June 1947, INC accepted the plan of partition. Everything from the governmental offices was divided. From funds, military assets, to minor things like table -chairs and paper clips, even stationary.In this division of the country on the basis of religion, homes, farms, families and even lovers were divided.

A press conference held by Mountbatten on 4 June 1947 in which he addressed the question of the princely states. Later they were free to choose one or the other of the new dominions.


Mahatma Gandhi meeting people who were moving to Pakistan.


On June 1947 Father of the nation Mahatama Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru talk at a refugee camp in Hardiwar.


The major railway stations were heavily crowded. The New Delhi railway station was witnessing hundreds and thousands of passengers longing for even a place to stand.


Mahatma Gandhi addressing people to keep calm.

Innocent lives were taken, like what has been happening in the world since ages, in the name of religion


Credit : Life

There is a myth that says that the table on which the papers of partition were signed, was later found to have been cracked from the centre. However it’s said that the table had always had that crack .

3rd june plan known as the Mountbatten Plan meeting. Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan with Viceroy lord mountbatten.


Amongst several controversial theories of this era, there is one that states that Mahatma Gandhi could have prevented the deplorable event that was the partition of the country, but due to his own personal interests, didn’t.



The British left India with the mindset that the people of this nation weren’t capable enough to build a country of their own. We’re almost 70 years old now, in your face Brits!

Cabinet Meeting with Giani Zail Singh:

The British possibly played the biggest role in the partition. Using religious differences as a tool to divide the country and make sure that this region of Asia would forever be in contention.

Outside Parliament on 15, June 1947 :


Credit : Google Image

It took our mother country a lot of pain and struggle to gain independence. It has seen miles of bloodshed thousands of people crying. Our brave freedom fighters sacrificed their lives without giving it a second thought. We shall make our country what they had dreamt of. Spread peace and love each other.

Jai Hind…!!!

Special Thanks to Sangeeta for submitting her story.

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