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Gone are the days when we browsed through lengthy fashion magazines and had numerous trails on the fashion trends they suggested. Our generation requires everything quick, and to fulfill that, numerous individuals have chosen YouTube as a medium to redefine the trends of fashion industry.
Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the ace fashion bloggers that are taking the fashion industry by storm—

  1. Dulce Candy Tejada:

Dulce Candy is clearly the most popular fashion vlogger on YouTube. Her videos deal with daily routine tips, shopping, DIY, makeup, beauty, hair and all the fashion needs. Her videos are vibrant and fun, with brand names displayed easily for better understanding. She immigrated to the United States where she was later affiliated in the US Army. Now that’s a daily quota of inspiration for all of you fashionistas out there.

YouTube handle:


  1. Aashna Shroff:

With the YouTube handle—TheSnobJournal, Aashna is currently one of the most popular fashion vloggers in the Indian subcontinent. Her videos deal with everything—from newest fashion trends to hair and makeup routines. She is well known for her effortless, unique style and is successful in capturing the attention of the audience.

YouTube handle:

Aashna   3. Debasree Bannerjee:

Debasree is the perfect example of the authentic Indian beauty, who is the fairy godmother of fashion for the Indian audiences. Her channel is basically everything– from skin care, to make up, product reviews, nail art tutorials, personal style and lifestyle. Her channel is popular for her authentic methods of making use of beauty products and how she incorporates traditional clothing into modern trends. More power to her!
YouTube handle:



4. Komal:

Komal—the face behind the amazing YouTube channel, Delhi Fashion Blogger,  gives authentic, more budgeted make-up and beauty suggestions, and is an absolute originator of one of the most unique hairstyles suitable for Indian female audiences. She also includes some self-help videos that deal with our day-to-day life.
YouTube handle:



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