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If you haven’t already experienced a supper so special, it’s time you hit this street of Mumbai before Eid-al-Fitr, 7th July 2016. The month of Ramadan brings one closer to divinity and also to delicious meals for Iftaar. The gastronomic fervour of fast-breakers as well as first-timers adds to the excitement at Mohd. Ali Rd. every evening. You’ve probably heard from your friends about the delicacies served here so this article will give your willing mind a necessary push.

  1. Phirni :There’s something about the traditional rice pudding or the better known ‘Kheer’ served in earthenware! It adds to the existing gulabjal flavor of the staple white Phirni. Try the kesar and blueberry counterparts as well!
  2. Malpua with Rabri : These crispy fluffy pancakes are freshly made and served with super tasty rabri. There are two options of Malpua size: large and extra large! Make sure you have friends to share and accomplish the task of finishing it.
  3. Shawarma: You’ve had it before at cool branded outlets but this one’s nothing like the others. The soft ‘khaboos’ filled with juicy chicken is value for money at just 30/- ! There are shawarma skewers in the street have spicy green and tangy red chicken to choose from.
  4. Mawa Jalebi: Hot sugary syrup drips down your fingers as you bite into one of these delicacies. Mawa jalebis are not your ordinary golden color jalebis. Instead, these are dark brown, puffy coils of yumminess that melt in your mouth.
  5. Kebabs: Freshly made, perfectly skewered and full of flavour, these kebabs will make your Iftaar meal a happy one.The variety of kebabs at Mohd. Ali Rd. add much color to the street despite the cooking smoke.  Malai kebab, pahari kebab, chicken tikka, seekh kebab are some of the variants to be tasted.
  6. Chicken roll: Just watching them make the baida chicken or mutton roll so quickly on the tawa is a treat. Egg and chicken is a great combination and when rolled together, the crispy bites are scrumptious !
  7. Bheja Fry and other offal: If you enjoy eating innards, again this is the right place to be! The assortment of bheja fry, kheeri, kaleji, etc. will your taste buds wanting more. However, the sight of these raw organs is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

There’s a lot more exciting, gob-smacking dishes for your delicious Iftaar such as naan chaap, nalli nihari, shahi halwa, falooda waiting for you at the street. Hurry and don’t miss out!

Garima Negi

'Carpe Diem' for life, IT engineer, Avid reader, Travel Enthusiast, I live to eat !

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Garima Negi

'Carpe Diem' for life, IT engineer, Avid reader, Travel Enthusiast, I live to eat !

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