Author: Deepika Maheshwari

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The Most Popular Benefits of Chocolate

Gulp a mug of chocolate because it is actually good for you. Chocolates have both positive and negative effects yet people always exaggerate, “Say NO! to Chocolate”. Dark chocolate contains multitudinous nutritional values and...

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The Complete Protein – QUINOA

Quinoa, pronounced as keen-wah, is a species of goosefoot genus and is a pseudo-cereal. Its importance for the Inca Empire has given it the title of ‘Mother of all grains’. These are small, bean...

TMP Wedding Destinations by Meera 0

The Most Popular Wedding Destinations

So you want to make your special day, your wedding, a memory for a lifetime? Here is a list of some places in India that would be picture-perfect wedding destinations.  UDAIPUR Udaipur is the first...

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The Right Ways to Drink Coffee

If you profoundly regret your coffee habit, then you can change it; you can make the most of it. Every time you gulp a cup of freshly filtered coffee find it impossible to curb...