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I was an outsider to Delhi. I came here five years ago, studied and became independent. This city is grand but rarely solemn. People can be rude or even cruel but never cold. You always see a silver lining. Those who visit this city, rarely see its magnanimity. They often associate it to a faded glory of history. The city is buried under paraphernalia of past and present and has a great potential of a stupendous future.

The city teaches you more about life, across genres, more than your parents, school, college or even what Shiv Khera or Krishnamurty will ever manage to. Delhi prepares you for everything. It brings out the best and worst in you. Below is what I have experienced.

  • Patience-

    Delhi’s public transportation, especially the DTCs are never on time. They dibs on having a schedule but they don’t, like most things in our country. You stand in a crowded bus and feel like punching the guy next to you due to heat. The buses advertise Murphy’s Law. You never get the bus you want in time. They tell you Life isn’t always fair. If this is your schedule and you keep calm, then sir you are destined to attain nirvana.
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    DTC Bus







  • Self-Conservation-

    Delhi with a population density of 10,000 people per square kilometer teaches us how to protect and preserve ourselves. Surviving a rush at Rajeev Chowk metro station is a sparta moment. We learn to protect the trinity; phone, wallet and most importantly ourselves (all the girls would agree to the third one). Thousands of us are groped every day. I now know how to dodge the crowd.
    Taking a metro or a bus surrounded by a cesspool of people, ensuring your feet inside the gate, enabling you to make the best out of every opportunity. We learn never to lose hope.

    Gropping Metro Crowd

  • Increased immunity- 

    I can tolerate all the spices in not so healthy but utterly delicious street food. My stomach has developed an Ironman Suit and Jarvis to protect itself.chaat

    Chandni Chowk Chat







  • Auto-Coaster-

    We learn how the auto rickshaws combine the convenience of economical transportation with the pleasures of a roller coaster and the catharsis of a fistfight.auto2









  • Bargaining skills- 

    Every girl across the globe has an innate quality of bargaining. But, Delhi takes it to another level. Sarojini, Janpath, Karol Bagh are shopping monger’s paradise. I can now bargain the price of anything down to less than half of its market price.                  


  • Vocabulary enhancement- 

    We learn an all new dialect. A traffic police wala is a Thulla. Everything is Sahi hai Bhai! And every second person is Vehla( idle). In any fight,you can hear, “Tu nahin jaanta mera baap kaun hai”… Sabka baap saala yahan dignitary hai!!

    We see how easily a word used (as either prefix or suffix) with any word, not sparing devout or pious, can  turn into a swear/curse phrase.

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