A String of Questions and Some Answers

Questions by Roop

Every week there comes a day, when I find myself in deep thoughts about a lot of things that happen around me. These thoughts are mostly issues about my life and about work. However, that is something we all do on a regular basis, right? Maybe, even continuously in our dreams. So, when I mentioned that I find myself in deep thoughts, pondering on such questions about my life, I also, more often than usual, come across another question and that is:


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What am I supposed to do next. Where am I supposed to go?

Why am I here on this earth and what is the real purpose of this life that I have been granted?

Is just working, earning money, eating food, drinking, breathing and excretion of nitrogenous waste, all am I supposed to do here on this earth?


Hence, when I can think about all such questions then it is obvious that everyone does ponder about it once in awhile too..

The thing is that sometimes, I’m unable to sleep at night just because of these unanswered questions that are left in abeyance until I find myself wondering about them again.


What is that one thing or deed that if I done by me, will go on to grant me satisfaction for eternity?


The irony is when I am supposed to sleep, I am unable to do so just because at that time I think of what I am supposed to do!

Anyways, I am quite sure everyone has given or will give a thought about these questions. If I were to holistically ask these questions to myself then perhaps I should ask:


What is the purpose of humanity? Why are we here?

Then I think: Why are we the only ones much more advanced, comparatively, to all other species that breathe here on this planet?


Come to think of it, I found  some possible answers, but I was unable to make out which one is more plausible.


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One of them was: Are we here just to invent things? From the tire, to the wheel, agriculture, language,electricity, telephones, computers, internet and other advancements in technology. Till one day we end up using all the energy sources and die? Some people might think that even if this is going to happen then renewable sources of energy will save our rears at that time. However, the reality is that everything including our solar system will eventually collapse and when it does, our beloved Sun would either explode leaving only debris behind or will just lose its warmth after some thousands of years.

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Then again, I find myself into a deeper state of mind. I ask myself, are we alone? Is there any other kind of species living in this vast space just as advanced as us or may be much more than us? Is there any other solar system that is stable, that may have a planet or two just like the Earth? Any planet that might be able to become a home planet for Homo sapiens in the future? Even if such a planet exists, then will we ever be able to cover that distance of millions and billions of lightyears to reach there? Are we in this universe for eternity?

Whatsoever their actual answers might be, the point is that every time I try to find such answers with my static knowledge. I do so only because I am no longer interested in ancient relics and even ‘Puranas’ that can act as evidences to prove these possible answers right or wrong to some degree.

Every now and then a new question pops up in my mind. When I try to think upon them I find that everything eventually leads to one question:


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Is god real? Is there any god?

Unfortunately, beyond this question, I am unable to say anything with any degree of certainty as my string of questions ends here.

One thing that I am sure of now, is that whenever anyone will ask me what is the greatest achievement of humanity or mankind since its inception? My answer will always be:


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Humanity itself. To be able to make this far, still surviving and pondering over such questions, being able to at least find a way of computing how probable or improbable our existence is, and being at the cusp of knowing (though still infinitely far away) is something that can be termed as ‘The Greatest Achievement’.

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