The Last Love

The director of The Legal Crime, beautifully presenting the acrimony of the modern era, leaving behind a surprising message for the Indian society. Presenting you the mesmerizing story, which would make you dumsbstruck.

Last Love

There is love all around. They say love is in the air, we see couples living their youth holding each other’s hand with a promise to stay by each other’s side no matter how tough the situation gets. Throughout our lives we’ve been taught to spread love, why then do we stand against those who truely love. Love doesn’t see caste, race, religion and many social boundaries. It just happens. It’s that divine feeling that is still holding this world together, why then do we see an inter caste or inter religion love as a crime.
EOI presents a soul-stirring story that will make you cry. It will make you look down on the norms put up by the society. It will show you who the real criminals are, lovers or their haters.


Entertainer at EOI (Engineers of India)
Social Awareness - Entertainer

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Social Awareness - Entertainer

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