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TMP Mobile Games of all time!

Currently, people have become busy with their lives and commitments towards work and family. In this busy life, playing games provides that much needed break and becomes a major source of relaxation and entertainment...

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TMP Fantasy Novels

“READING IS DREAMING WITH OPEN EYES. “- YoYo Mad about books? Well nothing like the long endless months of summer vacations to catch up on your reading. The wait ends here for die hard...

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Priyanka Chopra making India Proud: Achievements

  We Are Proud Of You, Priyanka Chopra… From every Indian.., The world is literally singing this tune out for you PeeCee! Priyanka Chopra (PeeCee), popularly known as Desi girl believes that achievements are...

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The Complete Protein – QUINOA

Quinoa, pronounced as keen-wah, is a species of goosefoot genus and is a pseudo-cereal. Its importance for the Inca Empire has given it the title of ‘Mother of all grains’. These are small, bean...

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Ignorance is Bliss – or is it?

“When it comes to family, we are all still children at heart.”   She longed for hugs, Craved some love. Shooting stars were called upon to wish, The wishes of having a family. Dandelions...


TMP Places to Visit in Delhi

“Once there was nothing here (Delhi). Now look how minarets camouflage the sunset. Do you hear the call to prayer? It leaves me unwinding scrolls of legend till I reach the first brick they...

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Healing With Greens

Herbal plants are used for medical purpose not just in rural areas but also in urban areas. India is one of the biggest producers of medical herbs and is also called “the botanical garden...

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Best Romantic Comedy Novels

Penned down best of romantic comedy novels of all time! Like romance but not the accompanying melodrama? A light-hearted rom-com is exactly what you need. Here’s a list of recommendations happy- go- lucky stories...