First thing First, WINTER IS HERE! Now, moving forward. The highlights of season 6 finale go something like this…


Let’s begin by discussing the deaths on the show. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the final episode of the sixth season killed nearly half the characters on the show in one single go. Yes, you can blame our favorite villain Cersei Lannister. Her plan that included the Wildfire set up by the Mad King was executed flawlessly.

1. Margaery Tyrell


Yes! The rose has been uprooted. Well, that is what happens when The High sparrow underestimates Cersei. Margaery has always been one step ahead of Cersei. Needless to say, she knew her absence meant she has something planned. Something that keeps her away from the consequences of her absence. If only that shoeless zealot (High Sparrow) had given Margaery a consideration. We are sure she had a great plan up her sleeve if everything went her way. R.I.P Margaery.

2.Lancel Lannister


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The first victim of the wildfire. Though he tried his best to put out the candle, the flames flashed in his eyes and BOOM! he was gone.

3. Loras Tyrell


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Honestly, we were never looking forward to what future had in store for Loras. Had Margaery’s plan been executed he’d be alive and jolly. But you don’t escape the wildfire unless you are Daenerys Stormborn.

4. Mace Tyrell


Another victim of the Wildfire. Seems like house Tyrell is gone. Oh wait, There is one left. One who will suffice the absence of all. The badass OLENNA.

5. High Sparrow

game of thrones season 6 episode 10

Not only did the fool not listen to Margaery, he also made sure nobody left the hall. Thanks to him, EVERYBODY died. Now there is no SEVEN. Nobody preaches now. That look on his face “Oh Shit! We’re screwed” sums it up all very well.

6. Grand Maester Pycelle

game of thrones season 6 episode 10

Killed by the little birds, stabbed a million times, Pycelle died a painfull Death.

7. Walder Frey

game of thrones season 6 episode 10

Honestly, NOBODY on God’s Green Earth is sad about this man dying. He was evil, he was old and he deserved to die. Die the same way he killed Mother Stark, Catelyn. Arya Stark slit his throat. But wait, she wore a mask. How is she using masks? Did she not deny to become ‘No-one’. And to someone who is not ‘No-one’ aren’t the faces as bad as Poison? (That’s what jaquen H’ghar said atleast)

8. Tommen Baratheon


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The prophecy made by maggy the frog in episode 1 of season 5 came to be true. Tommen Baratheon died as a direct result of Cersei’s plan. What makes it worse? He took his own life. He jumped off the casement.

9. Septa Unella


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SHAME! Cersei told her back in season 5, “My face will be the last thing you see before you die” and Cersei is a woman of her word. She mocked her with all her sass and left her for the Mountain. Septa Unella is Dead. SHAME!


SCENE 1: Lord Varys in Dorne

game of thrones season 6 episode 10


game of thrones

One question : HOW?


game of thrones

R+L=J. Yes. Jon Snow’s parents are finally revealed in a stunning flashback by Bran (The New Three Eyed Raven)


The season 6 finale was able to answer a few things and here are the ANSWERS WE’RE LOOKING FOR IN SEASON 7

We know the paint is not even dry yet from season 6, but we can’t help wondering what season 7 is going to bring with it.

1. Will the final battle be between Cersei and Daenerys?

2. We know who is on which side, except for house STARK. Where does their allegiance lie?

3. How is Arya Stark using Masks?

4. How will Tyrell, Martell, Greyjoy and Targaryen come together?

5. What Will the White Walkers Do?

6. Will Lady Stoneheart Come Back?

7. What does Bran have in store for us?


Guess we’ll have to wait until April 2017 to find out all our answers. *Sigh*. That’s a long wait.





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