The Most Popular Hobbies That Will Make You Think Smart !

How great an idea would it be if we enhance our skills and capabilities by doing something we love! You got me right, I am referring to “Hobbies” here. Each one of us enjoy doing something or the other, be it reading, writing, dancing or even shopping!

Hobby is something that we do in our spare time to avoid boredom, to relieve stress, to enhance our abilities and to build our self – esteem. But, if you’re curious in enhancing your brain’s capabilities, then here are some hobbies that you have to consider.



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Perhaps, the most common hobby for many of us is reading. While reading, we try to visualize the virtual situation (known as imagery) and sometimes relate it to our real life. Thi s raises the blood flow to new neural paths and thus facilitates our brain to handle new challenges.

2) Creative Arts


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Often, we express our feelings in many forms. These include painting, drawing, writing e.t.c., Besides providing fun, practicing a new creative work will nourish our brain and strengthens our memory.

3) Exercise


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Consistent exercising will stimulate higher protein level in the brain that incredibly promotes cell growth. In addition to physical fitness, doing regular exercise results in relieving stress, and greater concentration .

4) Meditatation


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Meditation improves our ability of decision making in case of indefinite situations. Many research programs have shown that by doing meditation, our concentration power improves drastically and we stay calm. It also helps in reducing our anxiety, stress and ladders our cognitive skills.

5) Learn a new language


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Learning a new language strengthens our brain’s ability to focus. It also improves our ability to perform multi tasks and helps to find innovative solutions when in difficult conflicts.

6) Playing games / Solving puzzles


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Solving puzzles help us to imagine situations from a different perspective. We pay a close attention to new techniques in solving complex problems.  Creative games such as chess nurture our brain’s ability to face challenging environments.

In addition to a healthy diet, practice these hobbies until they become part of your daily routine so that they allow you to think even smarter than now.


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