Monthly Archive: July 2016

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Most Iconic Monsoon Songs of Bollywood

  The season which inevitably brings out the hopeless romantic in you is officially here and there couldn’t be a better time to delve into its splendor. In India, you just cannot imagine a...

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Give Away Reservation?

A Referendum brought up by Quaff Media on the notion-“Should India Give Away Caste Based Reservation?” Best thing to do is to watch this video – and for the link – If you...

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TMP Last Words!

  People have always been fascinated with the last words of others. A person is the most honest on his death bed. Indeed,it is interesting to know the last words uttered during one’s dying...

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The Most Hilarious Honest Trailers ever

Are you still a believer in good-ol’ humor? Then these 4-5 minutes parody shorts might be just the thing to get your funny bones tingling. Honest Trailers, a brain child of the hugely popular...

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TMP Bollywood Singers of the Modern Era

Many of you may be big fans of Hollywood songs but admit it, there is always a Bollywood song that defines your mood. These sweet magics (named songs) come from extremely talented magicians (named singers)...

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Revamp Your Room in Style

Often, people splurge thousands on selecting the “oh so perfect” furniture and room decor but are yet not satisfied with the end result. This happens simply because that room does not have a “you”...

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The Most Popular Flea Markets in India

Everyone want to buy Luxury Products but cannot do so because they are so astronomically expensive. However, you can still own these beasts of beauty, not the original ones, but the replicas which would...