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JoeyTribbiani- Friends

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Joey Tribbiani is a fictional character dear to the entire audience of Friends TV Show (1994-2004). He plays the role of an actor in the series, who is a big-time womaniser and extremely good at it but at the same time quite dim witted. Joey is one of the characters to provide a major bone-tickling edge to the show. The following are his most popular most loved dialogues. Read on and have a laugh.

1) How You Doin’?


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This one had to be at the top of the list. Over the decades, this pick-up line has become the heartthrob of all Friends’ fans. Joey would look a girl up and down and with a smirk, in his Italian American accent ask the ladies, “Hey! How you doin’?” and they fall in the trap.

PS Guys, it works in real life as well. At least as a conversation starter. (You’re welcome!)

2. Joey Doesn’t Share Foooooooood!


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Yep. He doesn’t. Be it his best friends, his date or even a toddler! No one, I repeat, NO one gets to have a share from his plate. This rule however does not apply when he wants to have others’ food.

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3) If homo sapiens were in fact HOMO sapiens – is that why they’re extinct?


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What is amusing here is that he was dead serious when he asked this question to Ross, who’s  occupation according to Joey is “Dinosaurs” when actually he’s a palaeontologist. He isn’t entirely wrong though!

4) OH MY GOD! I’m a woman!

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Joey had a hot lady roommate. She transformed the apartment into a girly condo, poor joey didn’t even realise it until Chandler came ringing the bell. During the conversation, Chandler said some things and in Joey’s words “it was not what he said. it was the way he said it”. Ting ting ting!  Joey realised that he had turned into a woman. (emotionally!)


5) Pyramid Partner: You put this in your coffee.
Joey: Uh – a spoon! Your hands! Your face!

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So Joey became a famous TV personality. Yay!
He appeared on a game show wherein he had to name the thing that was being described to him. Hell broke loose! He was dreadful. Joey has to guess “cream” and his hint is  “You put this in your coffee.” The best Joey can come up with that is A SPOON! YOUR HANDS! YOUR FACE!
Tut tut! *Face-palm*


6) Yeah, it’s like a cow’s opinion, you know, it just doesn’t matter. It’s “moo”


Kudos to the creativity of this man! The saintly creature that is the cow being roasted by the naughty creature that is Joey, was one of the most hilarious advisory comments of the series and it had the audiences doubled up with laughter. Better yet this line has made it to the merchandise shops online. Go get yourself some 😉

PicMonkey Collage


7) Ichiban- Lipstick for men.
*Remembers the episode* *Laughs for 10 minutes*
“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” This famous quote stands too true for Joey. With lack of acting opportunities, Joey had to grab whatever came up and the most disastrous for him and ridiculously funny for everyone else, was this Japanese advertisement for “Ichiban” –  LIPSTICK for MEN.


8) “It hurts my Joey’s apple”
So Joey didn’t know that in actuality, the Adam’s apple isn’t really named after each individual man.  Okay, sure it seems to be too much but when its about Joey, nothing is impossible. The innocence with which he exclaims it, makes you pity the guy struggling with adulthood.


9) Rachel:(sarcastically) Come on Joey. Sex me up!
Joey: I don’t wanna! I am scared 🙁

Joey found an erotic novel under Rachel’s pillow. In the entire episode he mocks her with dialogues from different scenarios of the book. While  Joey was in one of his mocking modes, trying to seduce her, Rachel flips the switch and asks him to sex her up, a bit wildly, and scares the wits out of poor Joey Tribbiani.
“I DON’T WANNA! I’M SCARED” hah! Classic.

And that’s a wrap!

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