Daulat Ram is an all girls’ college (Sorry boys!) of the Delhi University. It’s a part of the over hyped North Campus and as legend says the Fest Season is the most looked-forward-to time of the year. Following are the Most Famous andar-ki-baatein.

President(2015-16) Sangeeta Yadav

Unlike what her name suggests, she is a tomboy, with boy-cut hair dressed up in the most chilled out outfit that makes her look like a boy, she has the cutest smile and a very charming personality. She is student-friendly and very approachable. She’s a sports person, pursuing English honours and is a topper of her batch. She is very successful as a president. Reconstruction of the college building, improved sanitation, recycling  of paper, cleaner surroundings, amazing trips are a few of the many things that have been possible only because of her.

Hang-out Place- Nescafe

The most popular place to hang out among girls has to be, hands down, the Nescafe area. Girls can be seen relaxing on the tables of Nescafe during their free time and in-between lectures, sipping onto their frappe’s and iced teas.

Public Figure- Nescafe Waale Bhaiya
The most famous hang-out place needs a handler and that’s what bhaiya does. Have a chat with him while he brings you your order. Some of the girls even find themselves stuck there when it suddenly starts pouring heavily and bhaiya provides them with a cappuccino or a kit-kat for a break. Girls trust him with their hand bags and their mobile phones. He’s a darling!

Sadbhavna Bhawan
Don’t worry, it’s just the auditorium. LOL!

The college does pride itself for having the biggest auditorium in the Delhi University and that had to make it to this list. The students aren’t very fond of it themselves but during the fest seasons some of the finest eye candies appear on stage for fashion shows. *wink!*

Dance Society- Zenith

Another pride possession of the college is the western dance society. Formidable, fierce creatures that make it to the society are the bad guys of the college. The air around them tells you not to mess with them. Jokes apart they are a talented bunch of ladies and have bagged several prizes from inter college and inter-university competitions.

Titu Uncle- The Photographer
Given the fact that it’s a girls’ college, two of the most sort-after things are mirror and photography. Hands down, Titu uncle with his DRLR around his neck, is the most popular man in college. Whenever there’s a function or an event, and the girls have been given a chance to doll-up, they can be heard calling for him from different corners of the room to get clicked.


Tom Uncle Maggi Point

One of the oldest and most popular maggi points of the campus is situated outside the college. Tom Uncle Maggi Point has been there for decades. Along with maggi, they also serve garam-chai-ki-pyali’s which is a life saver when one has to attend the 9 am lectures in the cold winter mornings. It’s even there on google earth. How about that!

And that’s a wrap!

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