The Legend Of The 9 Unknown Men Of Ashoka

Origin of The Nine Unknown Men

The war of Kalinga which famously led to a personality change in Samrat Ashoka was also the war which resulted in accumulation of powerful technology over a period of 2000 years which , if it were to fall in the hands of the wrong people, would spell serious trouble. The technology was actually 9 books that together could spell doom for any civilisation


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Legend goes that Ashoka himself intended to use them for not-so-pure reasons before the battle of Kalinga. However after he saw the error of his ways, he immersed himself in making sure that  the knowledge and information in those books do not go in the hands of evil forces. To prevent the same, he appointed nine of his most trusted men to take care of each book and sent them to different parts of the world. The subjects of the books in question were as follows


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1) Psychological warfare and Propaganda
Just as the name suggests, the first book dealt with the science of psychology. It is believed that there was information in it on how to influence people, just by talking to them, ways to brainwash their subjects, etc. Yes Emperors would need that! It was similar to what we call hypnotism today.

Nine Unknown Men

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2) Physiology
This book contained the tactics of killing people just by applying the right amount of pressure on a certain point of a person’s body which would lead to his/her’s instant death or paralysis.
Imagine shaking someone’s hand and being mortally wounded. *Mental note: Don’t shake hands with strangers*

3) Microbiology
This book contained detailed knowledge of the science of microbiology and biotechnology. The stories tell us that the secret 9 released some special type of microbes into the river near its origin which purified the Ganges and gave it the power of curing certain diseases. Take that Shastras! Now you know how the Ganges are believed to wash to wash away your sins.

4) Alchemy

Nine Unknown Men

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The fourth book contains the secret ways of turning any metal into gold aka alchemy. The advocates of this theory support this by pointing out the immense amount of gold jewels found in the temples of the earlier times, given that the number of gold mines in the country was relatively low. So, people were not really rich. They just turned their metal stuff to gold. Hurrah for them!

5) Communication
The fifth book is supposed to have the information about the ways through which one can communicate with aliens. Of course believing this point is subjective because not everyone believes in the existence of aliens in the first place, so the idea of communicating with them? Pfft!
However for those who do believe in their existence, this is of interest. Consider this. We, the human specie, have been living on this planet for millions of years, so the aliens that exist today, must have existed back then as well, right? This theory claims that Ashoka and his fellow truth-worthy men, knew how to converse with them. How about that!

6) Gravity 

Nine Unknown Men

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This book contains the laws of gravity and how to construct flying objects. It gives instructions on how to build a “Vimana”. There is a theory that states that the Pharaoh of Egypt had a helicopter. If he can have it, why can’t Ashoka the great have one too?
This is the cue to stop blaming Sir Issac Newton through anonymous trolls for all the physics that you have to study today.

7) Cosmology
With technologies that enabled one to communicate with aliens and even make air travel possible, it’s almost predictable that the next book contained ways of inter-universal trips. At the same time, it is also a study of how to travel at high-speed. Maybe even at the speed of light!

8) Light
This book deals with the secrets of controlling light, techniques of controlling its speed, its path, its energy. If you’re a Star Wars’ fan, you must be looking like the heart-eye emoticon right now. Read : LIGHTSABERS Someone find the book please. PLEASE!

9) Sociology
The last book contains ways to study the nature of societies. Any society for that matter as the laws are basically universal. They can predict as to where the society is going, what will be its future, how will it dismantle and finally come to an end. Come to think of it, all societies do have a certain pattern but does that mean all the societies will have a downfall? Food for thought!

If The Nine Unknown Men were actually Unknown Men and a SECRET society, then how do we know so much about them and their books? All thanks to Talbot Mundy, who published a novel in 1923 – The Nine Unknown. More names in the list of people to have enlightened us with their knowledge of these Unknown Men are Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier who wrote a book in 1963, The Morning of the Magicians wherein they confirm that the nine actually existed.

Nine Unknown Men

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The Nine Unknown Men or the Secret Nine as some call them, remind one of the Illuminati group of the west. However, the Illuminati came centuries after the Unknown Men. But is there a connection? The Nine Unknown have repetitively appeared for the help of the country whenever it faced a threat. There was never a surety about their origin and where they went after their work was done. Modern day suspects of The Nine Unknown Men or the Secret 9 society include Subhash Chandra Bose, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and the most recent one, Narendra Modi.

Nine Unknown Men

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The world is full of historic mysteries. Some call them fiction, some believe them wholeheartedly. Do you believe in this theory? Do you believe that there actually existed nine books that contained unmatched knowledge of technologies, some of which, are not even known today!? The world has villains, and it desperately needs superheroes. Are these Nine Unknown Men superheroes of the country? This is for you to decide. Comment below and let me know what you think.

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