Ways to make your girl feel pampered..!!!


Every girl needs more affection and love and there is no shortcut for her happiness. She always needs to feel secure and special. For these things money is not enough, you need to put more efforts. You need to touch her soul by making her feel more pampered and loved.

Making your girl feel happy and special is not a difficult or an expensive task either it is very simple and cheap. When you are in a relationship, every girl wants her guy to understand her perspective. And when both the partners truly understand each other’s perspective then the relationship in itself is perfect.

  • Make her feel special:

makehr feel special

A boy who helps you out in your makeup chores is the best guy you can find ever…Isn’t it ? From a small nail art on your nails to the straightening of your hairs, from your shopping bags to the matching lipsticks etc.. No girl would definitely going to lose such guy ever.

  • Comfort her in your arms:


Long distance relationship is a very difficult phase in any relationship. To maintain that trust and belief, you really need to work hard and keep yourself focused towards this responsibility. But as soon as the moment comes when you are about to meet your girl, the first thing that will take her to the ninth cloud is a tight hug.

  • Surprise her with unique and personalized gifts:

personalized gifts

You know which day in a year every girl waits for?? It’s not her boyfriend’s birthday actually its her birthday. And if you make that day more special then nothing can take your girl away from you. On her birthday every girl would definitely expects some sort of surprises that is beyond her expectations or the thing she is fond of. For example you can decorate her room with some theme, personalized gifts, branded gifts etc.

  • Best way to win girl’s heart:


You love chocolates. Your girlfriend also does. Try to gift her chocolates that she loves to eat frequently in a different style. As you all have heard this quote “kuch meetha ho jaye”. This signifies that sweetness of your chocolate will definitely going to increase sweetness of your relationship.

  • Be affectionate and give her priority:

pride_pamper girl

Every girl wants a guy who always keeps her on priority. Guys do have pride and attitude issues when it’s come to their self respect. Try to ignore such situation when you choose your pride over girls. She wants priority not only in your personal space but in front of your friends too and believe me it will definitely make her feel special.

  • Share everything without ignoring:

share_pamper girl

To pamper girls, the best way is to make a habit to call her several times in a day. Try to tell her everything instead of saying “kuch nahi”, “kaam se gaya tha”, “kaam tha” etc. This will help you to keep a transparent relationship and make your bond stronger. Share every stuff of your day the way she used to do.

  • Cook for her:


The golden opportunity for the guy comes when her girl is tired. you can give her oil massage and foot massage too if she wore high heels and her foots are paining. You can buy her food or take her to the place for dinner that she loves. Sometimes you can cook for her too at home.

  • Say I Love you and mean it:

i love you

Try to send her text messages that can bring smile onto her face. Nothing can be better your good morning message full of love in the morning. You can say those three words “I love you” anytime. I guess these are not hard enough to say. These will surely going to spot a ray of love during her difficult times.
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