Chandler Bing’s Most Popular One Liners. Revisit Friends!


1) Phoebe: “One of my clients died today on the massage table.”
Chandler: “Well that’s a little more relaxed than you wanted him to get.”


2. Kathy to Chandler: “Wow, you have really gorgeous hair.”
Chandler: “Thanks, I grow it myself.”


3. Monica: “Why is your family Scottish?!”
Chandler: “Why is your family Ross?”


4. Ross: “I am gonna be happy this year. I am gonna make myself happy.”
Chandler: “Do you want us to leave the room?”

5. Susie Moss [Julia Roberts]: “How come all I can think about is putting that ice in my mouth and licking you all over?”
Chandler: “Because I went to an all-boys high school and God is making up for it?”

6. [Chandler with the chick is watching Baywatch]

Chandler to the chick: I know. See that’s Jasmine Bleeth. She’s a totally different kind of chick!…[pauses]… and i love you both…[pauses] but in totally different ways.


7. Joey: I used to get medical experiments done on me
Chandler: Finally! An explanation.


8. Joey: “So, you’re playing a little PlayStation, huh? That’s whack. PlayStation is whack. ‘Sup with the whack PlayStation, ‘sup? Huh? Come on, am I 19 or what?”
Chandler: “Yes, on a scale from one to 10, 10 being the dumbest a person can look, you are definitely 19.”

9. Joey: Hey, Shaving?
Chandler: No. Rabies

10. Racheal: Hey, I cook
Chandler: Offering people gum is not cooking.


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  1. Dev says:

    Thanks for the post. Its made my day with colleagues

  2. orologi cartier tank oro rosa 18k donna says:

    One more thing on the Benedict Option public school analogy… The formation of the Christian community in the public school is a natural response to the public school’s amoral governance. (Per Justice Kennedy “liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”) The solution Christian public school kids have found is the informal Christian community at school which does regulate or at least define define morality.
    orologi cartier tank oro rosa 18k donna

  3. mukko says:

    yes this post is good and no doubt in it

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