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Thats the way they met..!!


” Hey bhaiya!! Pack that blackforest fr me. ” said Augustaya.

As the shopkeeper of the famous Royal Bakeries was taking the pastry out of the tray to pack it.. A girl opened the shop door and shouted, ” Bhaiyaaa !! Please pack one blackforest for me fast. I have to go to my place by 11:30 and its already 11.”

As soon as the “bhaiya” heard this, he said, ” But madam I have only one blackforest and that augustya bhaiya has already ordered“.


“Who is this Augustya? “ she said.

“The only boy standing in front of you Miss” he replied taunting her.

“Ohhh I din’t noticed ! Anyways could you please take something else as I want this pastry fr my friend’s bday and getting late to get to my place. Moreover I wudnt find any other shop open in this area at this time. So could you please let me take this blackforest ?” She asked him.

“Hard luck..!! I have ordered it first so I would take it. You could find something else fr you” replied rudely.

“But I said na its my friend bday so I want this pastry any other thing wudnt wrk in place of a pastry “, she said requesting once again.

” I wud hv let you take this but my friend also celebrated his bday tommorow so its equally imp fr me to take this. And since i ordered it first I would take it. If you wud hv came first I could hv tried somewhere else” , he said as he is in no mood to give up on that pastry.

” OMG !! A girl is asking so swtly to you fr smthng and you r still saying no”, she tried once more making a sweet innocent face.

May be any other guy would fall for her this cheesy line or her innocent face but Augustya.. he is different…

” Hey!! Don’t try to be so cheesy with me. I m not tht kind of guy who’ll fall for such type of sweet shit crap used by the girls like you .” he said.

” Excuse me!! What do you mean by the statement girls like me ??” she asked angrily.

“Girls like you means the ones who use such kind of sweet tactics with a random guy just to make things work in her favor. ” he explains getting annoyed.

“Shut up !! You r no one to say anythng about my character. I was just givin you respect and thought that you would understnd my problem. But you knw what ?you dnt deserve such respect and sweetness. You are a kind of guy who has a big ego and a cheap thinking about girls. GO TO HELL and haan Please DON’T FORGET to take ur BLACKFOREST with you. I’ll manage something on my own“, she said shouting at him.

” Even i am not interested in you and your respect. Get out of my way I m getting late”, he said passing by her hitting her right shoulder a bit with his but he din’t cared, paid for the pastry and left the bakery shop without even looking once at the girl.

Thats how they met. They- Augustya & Nayra– their first “meeting cum fight“. May be it was just a moment which fade away with time or destiny had some other plans fr them ??

Anyways… For now its just about a blackforest and those idiots..!!!

Shubhank Shrivastava

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  1. Sakshi says:

    Cute Story.. Write more please.!!


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